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Ljevaonica obojenih metala na bazi bakra i proizvodnja strojnih dijelova

Analysis of materials

sprektrometar 001SPECTOMETER

The GDS500A, CCD-based Glow Discharge Atomic Emission Spectrometer is device designed specifically for routine elemental determination in most conductive solid materials. It features improved performance, stability, accuracy and precision. It is used to monitor the production process and quality control. It provides a complete chemical analysis of the material composition (up to 100%) in just few minutes. Full wavelength coverage from 165nm to 460nm. Strojar d.o.o. use it since 2005. for a batch control, raw material input control and external service of copper based alloys analysis.



sprektrometar 003HARDNESS TESTER

Hardness tester device according to Brinell. It uses 10mm diameter balls, pressure force of 10000 N, or 30000 N for hard materials. Pressure force is uniformly increased without impact during 15 s up to the final value, and it generally remains so for 30 seconds. For hard materials, 10 seconds is enough, while the required duration of action for the softest materials is up to 3 minutes.



It is used for tensile strength and elongation testing. Test tubes with diameter up to 10 mm are used for testing. We can examine materials with tensile strength less than 800N/mm2.


MIV d.d.



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