MIV d.d.

Ljevaonica obojenih metala na bazi bakra i proizvodnja strojnih dijelova

pocetna 001Strojar d.o.o is leading manufacturer of copper based alloys in Croatia. Founded 60 years ago today it is positioned as manufacturer of high value and high quality products thanks to internal chemical and mechanical laboratory. Det Norske Veritas certified manufacturing of bronze and brass to be in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standard. Enterprise has several hundreds costumers from areas of naval engineering, engine and aggregate manufacturing, process industry and other industry branches. More then 50% of production is sold on European Union markets like Austria, Slovenia and Germany.


Manufacturing facility has 250.000 kg yearly production capacity of various products. Capacity of furnaces allows manufacturing of up to 3000 kg heavy casts, and machining can be made on rings up to 2400 mm in diameter. Enterprise can make over 30 different alloys of bronze and brass, including tin bronze, aluminum bronze, aluminum nickel bronze, led bronze, and other types of multi component bronzes, while brasses are most often made as alloys of copper and zinc with addition of led. Core product selection are centrifugally cast plain bearings, bushings, rings, nuts and other machine parts, while smaller part of product selection is made by casting in metal and sand molds. Equipment for centrifugal cast allows for casts up to 3000 kg in mass, form 80 to 1400 mm in diameter and up to start-21400 mm in length. Centrifugally casting technology provides better homogeneity of material and improved mechanical properties when compared to bronze and brass made with continuous cast, or castpocetna 002 in to metal and sand molds. All manufacturing processes comply with environmental protections requirements. Waste products are handled in legality required way, as are other measures and measurements dictated by environmental protection laws and regulations.


Ministry of environmental protection ensures compliance by regular inspections.

Company produces all materials listed in this catalog.
If there is a need for material not in listed within feedback information on possibility of manufacture can be provided on request.

MIV d.d.



MIV d.d.
Sektor ljevanja i prodaje obojenih metala
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